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Guardian Partners

There are roughly 15,000 guardianship cases throughout Oregon. That means 15,000 instances where a guardian is appointed to make important decisions for the care and well-being of protected persons – including seniors, people with disabilities and minors – who are unable to make those decisions for themselves.

Until the launch of Guardian Partners, there was little oversight of these cases. Guardian Partners was founded in 2013 to train volunteers to monitor guardianships and ensure protected persons are treated with the utmost respect. Our volunteers conduct wellness assessments of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, age-related dementia, mental illness, and traumatic brain injuries. Through an interview process; Case Monitors look for signs of abuse or exploitation, make sure protected persons are being well cared for, and share resources of benefit to the protected person.

Our services have grown to include delivering much needed educational resources and support to guardians. Our goal is to not only prevent abuse through oversight, but also to teach guardians how to be effective to ensure protected persons are empowered to live their fullest lives. This multifaceted approach, combining education and oversight programming, provides a one-of-a-kind service within the community.

To continue to grow our organization’s mission to keep vulnerable Oregonians safe and thriving, we need caring and compassionate volunteers to serve as Case Monitors. If you are interested in working to prevent abuse and neglect with Guardian Partners, click the “Volunteer Now” button.


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