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The Arc Oregon

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(503) 428-5434


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I thrive in an environment where innovation and inclusion are top values. I am a graphic recorder and facilitator, and I love to use visual thinking to increase engagement, creativity, and inclusion in any situation. I am also passionate about youth voice, social justice, and doing whatever I can to help people raise their own voice rather than speaking for them.

I am passionate and knowledgeable about personalizing supports, wherever people meet systems.  I have a lead role to support the infusion of person-centered approaches into all of our work at The Arc Oregon. I specialize in using and continuing my learning in person-centered thinking, planning, and organizational practices.

I am a Person Centered Thinking trainer (credentialed by the Learning Community for Person Centered Practices), Person Centered Plan Facilitator and trainer, support/mentor People Planning Together, a Charting the LifeCourse Ambassador and Community of Practice member, and a trained Graphic Facilitator and Recorder.

I also have training and skills in trauma-informed care and approaches, Positive and Productive Meetings, Supported Decision Making, Collaborative Problem Solving, positive behavior supports focusing on communication, Popular Education model, sexual health and equity, adult learning theory, and Gentle Teaching.


My Why

I believe in equity and authentic inclusion. I believe that we are better together, and diverse perspectives are the path to lasting positive impact.

My Life

I am a musician and artist at heart. I love to think creatively and look outside the box at possibilities before we make concrete plans. Connection drives my life, personally and professionally, and I am most grateful in life for the amazing people and creatures around me.

What Others Like and Admire About Me

I am a creative thinker and help to create welcoming and inclusive spaces. I am an engaging presenter and have a wide range of knowledge. I can make something beautiful out of something vague or confusing.

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