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Cari Davis

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The Arc Oregon

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(503) 910-9671


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I have worked in the I/DD field since 2002. I started out as a Direct Support Staff. I worked hard and became one of the main trainers for direct care staff. I also became a certified CPR and first aid instructor through the Red Cross during this time. Later I transitioned into management I worked in a management role for almost 6 years before moving on to different opportunities. In November 2017 I started at The Arc Oregon and I became a nationally certified guardian in August of 2018.

My Why

My name is Cari Davis. I am a GAPS Advocate at The Arc Oregon. My goal in doing my work as an advocate is to support individuals who experience I/DD to find their voice and to support them to learn to advocate for themselves as much as possible so they can live their best lives. I have helped advocate for several individuals when they were very sick in the hospital. I advocated to medical professionals that their life mattered just as much as anyone else. I have seen people graduate from hospice after being told it was their time to go. This is what keeps me doing the work I do. I feel like I get to make a difference in other people’s lives this is one of my core values and I love the work I am blessed to get to do.

My Life

I experience learning disabilities you can’t tell I have them by looking at me. I grew up always feeling like I was less than the “normal” kids. I always had to work twice as hard as my siblings just to make c grades. This experience helped form me and my determination it made me a strong person and advocate for others who experience disabilities.

My mom’s brother my uncle experiences I/DD he lived at Fairview training center. I remember visiting with him and other individuals who didn’t ever get visitors. I remember thinking how sad that was and I wanted them to know they were not alone and someone cared about them. I would read to them, spend time with them, and sometimes even color a picture for them to put on the wall. I met a lot of wonderful people that I will always remember. I knew I had my true calling. As soon as I was old enough I started working in a group home as a staff caring for some of the wonderful people I had met when I was a child.

What Others Like and Admire About Me

-big warm heart, caring and compassionate
-dedicated, detailed oriented and consistent
-determined, adamite (do not give up knows what is right) and equity (person center driven) everyone is equal
-strong advocate, passionate and direct real
-street smarts (worked in the I/DD field in many capacities)

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