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Hello! It’s nice to meet you. My name is Jennie Heidrick and I am currently the program director for the OTAC program of The Arc Oregon. I have been working with OTAC since 2009 as a behavior consultant, trainer and mentor. I began working in the field of developmental disability and aging services in 1998 as a Certified Nursing Assistant and Direct Support Professional. In addition, I have supported people of all ages in a variety of different settings throughout Oregon. It is from these experiences and relationships built that I’ve learned what it means to provide person-centered support and advocate alongside people for things that focus on people’s rights and holistic practices that promote health and well-being. I now experience a physical disability and chronic pain condition that continues to impact my day to day experiences. This lived experience has strengthened my passion for advocating and helping to adapt and make this a more accessible world for all. Below is a brief summary of my past experiences, highlighted skills and areas of expertise. Please reach out to me by email, preferably, if you have questions or are interested in collaborating with the OTAC team!

OTAC Programs

Current Role:

  • OTAC Program Director
  • Qualified Behavior Professional
  • Behavior Professional Trainer and Mentor for DD and APD Behavior Consultants
  • Charting the LifeCourse™ Ambassador
  • Personal Futures Planning
  • Trainer- My professional development is broad, but primarily focuses on the following topics:
    • Positive Behavior Support
    • Person-Centered Planning
    • Trauma-Informed Care
    • Autism
    • Communication
    • Aging related diagnoses
    • Health, Mental Health and Wellness Practices
    • Accessibility, disability advocacy, social justice


  • Bachelor’s Degree – Social Science
  • Certified in Early Childhood Education & Rural Social Work

Other Relevant Experience:

  • Past Oregon Intervention System Mentor/Parent Instructor for 10 years
  • Developing and delivering training content for adult learners
  • Employer Resource Connection consultant
  • Aging Caregivers Plan Facilitator
  • Personal Support Worker
  • Educational Assistant- Elementary School
My Why

It’s important to me that people are honored, respected and valued for who they are, their experiences and recognized for their strengths. I am passionate about ensuring those who are in a support role have the tools needed to provide quality, person-centered care that helps people live the life they want.

Trust and collaboration are two values that are important to me personally and within my work. Over the past 20 years of working in the field of social services and collaborating with people, families, support providers and others I feel strongly that the best of outcomes are achieved when there is trust and collaboration.

My Life

Outside of my work activities, I am naturally a busy body and like to hang out with my fam-friends, play in the dirt a.k.a. garden, chill at the river, practice yoga, camp, travel, play music and volunteer with the Portland Food Project. My kids are my world and as a teen and young adult they continue to amaze, inspire and teach me so many things. I have two “thera-puppies” who provide me laughs and comfort throughout the day. They are one of my many supports that help me manage life while dealing with chronic pain. I believe comedy and kindness make this world go around and we always need more of it!

What Others Like and Admire About Me
  • Passionate about providing quality, person-centered services
  • Calm, steady, supportive
  • Compassionate, considerate and kind
  • Helpful and organized
  • A true team leader with great natural instincts
  • Genuine, open and accepting of all people
  • Driven and determined

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