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2024 Self-Advocacy Convention • Eugene, Oregon




The Residential Facilities Ombudsman program (RFO) provides service to over 10,000 Oregonians living in approximately 2,600 homes and facilities licensed or certified for Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities or Mental Health Conditions statewide.

The RFO program opened and began visiting homes in eastern Oregon counties July of 2016. To date, we have visited 100% of homes in more than 23 counties, providing community outreach to introduce the program while at the same time responding to requests for assistance from virtually every county in the state.

Our goal is to visit 100% of the homes in six remaining counties while responding to all requests for assistance throughout the state. In 2022, the RFO program is seeking volunteers in Multnomah, Josephine, Klamath, Union and Umatilla counties.

You can help!

Our success as an organization depends on our volunteers! As a volunteer Certified Ombudsman with the RFO program you will receive initial and ongoing training and support in providing advocacy services to individuals in your community. 

If you’re in Multnomah, Marion, Josephine, Jackson, Klamath, Union, and Umatilla counties, we’d love to have your help to protect and empower people with intellectual and developmental disabilities living in group homes and other residential facilities. You can learn more here.

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