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Volunteer Application

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Volunteer @ The Arc!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for The Arc Oregon. Please tell us a little more about yourself and your areas of interest. The form below may be used to volunteer yourself or to nominate someone else for an elected position.

Volunteer Application

Our office is in Salem, Oregon, where our board and committee meetings are held. We do offer support for volunteers in other areas of the state to participate via online meeting technology. If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity in your local community, please check out one of our местные отделения.

Volunteer Application

Nominator's Information

Please provide your information so we may contact you about your nominee.
How will they be able to contribute to the success of The Arc Oregon?
The rest of the information on this form is about the person being nominated. If you don't know all of the answers, just indicate so in the corresponding field. Thank you!
Штат / провинция
Почтовый индекс / Почтовый индекс
Please check all that apply.
Please check all that apply.


Please provide up to three personal references.

Demographic Data

The Arc Oregon strives for diversity in our leadership. Diversity comes in all shapes and sizes. The following demographic data is voluntary, but will help us in evaluating our progress in creating a volunteer and leadership team with diverse perspectives.

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