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2020 Presenter List Table – child info

Paula Boga

Executive Director | The Arc of Oregon

Paula Boga has served as The Arc Oregon Executive Director since November, 2017. Prior to the 2018 merger of The Arc Oregon and Oregon Training and Consultation (OTAC), she served for two years as the OTAC Executive Director and three years as the Oregon Special Needs Trust (OSNT) Program Director at The Arc Oregon. Paula earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communications from California State University, Northridge, and has an extensive background in regulatory compliance, training, small-business and program management, and nonprofit organization management and oversight.

Paula was drawn to The Arc Oregon because of her own history with a family member experiencing an intellectual disability, and her strong belief that if her family had known about the pooled trust and other supports and services just a few years earlier, things could have been much different for her own family.

She is dedicated to supporting all Oregonians who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities to live self-directed, independent and interdependent lives in their community by collaborating with community partners and local chapters of The Arc to provide education, information, and advocacy to professionals in the field and local, state and federal law makers and agencies.

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