Saturday Morning Announcements

Good morning and welcome to the final day of our “live” virtual convention. Today’s agenda includes an opportunity for our local chapters to network and learn from each other’s experiences. […]

Friday Morning Announcements

Welcome Back! Today we are looking forward to connecting with you at our Seeds of Change Community Conversations. This is your chance to share your experiences over the past year […]

Thursday Morning Announcement

Hello and Welcome! You are in for an exciting and action packed day today! We are thrilled kick off with a warm welcome from our Board President, Anna Keenan-Mudrick, and […]

Wednesday Morning Announcement

Welcome to The Arc Oregon’s 2021 Virtual Convention! We are so happy you are joining us and hope you find it educational and engaging. Today you have access to all […]

#405: Thriving in a Residential Setting

Presenter: Toni Larson

Your home is your castle. The color you paint your bedroom, what you decide will be on the menu this week and getting together with your friends for bowling practice is only limited by your budget and…

#404: Advocacy Across Systems

Presenter: Cheryl Cisneros

Explore effective strategies to navigate service systems and advocate for yourself or your loved ones.

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