Pathways to Justice is a field-tested criminal justice and disability training program piloted in 2015-2016 that provides training to three primary audiences: law enforcement, legal professionals and victim service professionals. More than training, and different from other training initiatives, Pathways does not rely on training alone, but helps communities/states address key barriers to justice for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD) and discuss practical solutions that work best for them. To date, The Arc’s National Center on Criminal Justice and Disability (NCCJD®) has trained over 300 people through the Pathways to Justice® program and held  more than 25 separate training/educational events across the U.S.

In June 2019, The Arc Oregon will partner with Marion County Sheriff’s Department to bring the Pathways to Justice training to Oregon. We hope to use this opportunity as a pilot program in Oregon, and then continue our work to bring the training to local communities across the state.

We are in the process of forming the Marion County Disability Response Team (DRT). We invite you to visit the links provided above to learn more about the Pathways to Justice program and contact us if you would like to get involved! Not a resident of Marion County? Let us know you are interested in bringing Pathways to Justice to your community and we will help you get started.

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