Tara Collins

Administrative Assistant

OTAC Training Coordinator

“You need to believe in things that aren’t true. How else are they to become?
—Terry Pratchet

Vorbesc Romaneste.
Hablo Español.

How I Can Help You

If you need help registering for a training, are having difficulty accessing a training, or have general questions or concerns, I can help solve the problem or find someone else who can.

My "Why"

Inclusion and justice matter to me. I am physically disabled and have several family members who have disabilities, so I know how frustrating accessing necessary services can be. I’m very happy I get to be part of a team working to make that easier and to help teach others to provide these necessary, often liberating services.

About Me

I am new to the world of disability advocacy, but I’m excited to bring my skills to the team. I’ve worked in various creative and administrative roles, including as a museum educator, freelance writer, and designer. Creative and collaborative environments energize me, so The Arc of Oregon is a perfect fit. Outside of work I enjoy making things from electronics projects to textile art, writing, and enjoying the antics of my two cats, Jumble and Custard.