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Sự kiện hàng năm

Sự kiện hàng năm

Công ước Nhà nước

On the first weekend of May each year members and supporters of The Arc from all across Oregon gather together for fun, friendship, and food!

This event offers two days of quality information and education, as well as a chance for people with I/DD, families, professionals, and allies to connect with each other, see old friends, and build new connections.

Registration opens in March.
5-8 tháng 5 năm 2021

Awards Banquet

Each year during the State Convention, we present eight awards to individuals and businesses nominated by their communities for doing great work in support of people with I/DD.

This is a very special, and often emotional, event. We celebrate the accomplishments of award recipients with a dinner banquet followed by live music and dance party.

Nominations are Open Now!
Will Return
in 2022

Hội nghị kinh doanh

The Arc Oregon bylaws require an annual business meeting to be held in the Spring. This is also typically held during the State Convention.

At this meeting, board members and local chapter representatives receive annual updates about The Arc Oregon's activities and finances, elect new board members, recognize volunteers, and approve any proposed bylaw changes.

This meeting is open to all members and guests.
May 8 ,2021
Virtual Meeting


We want to hear from you!

Our Public Policy committee and Executive Director's Council are teaming up to get your input on our Legislative and Advocacy public policy platform.

Starting in January 2021, we will hold a special meeting to talk about what issues are important to you, and how The Arc Oregon should represent its members and allies during the Oregon Legislative Session.

More information coming soon.
New in 2021

Portland Gathering

The Arc Oregon is proud to partner with The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices to host this international event each year in Portland.

Focused on the principles and practices of Person Centered work, the Portland Gathering is three and a half days of intense learning, sharing and connecting. You will quickly realize this is like no other learning event. There will be time to listen to others share their learning with large groups, participate in small groups and have casual conversation about topics you’re most interested in.

It is place where people with disabilities, family members, advocates and supporters from various organizations and systems can come together on a level playing field to make a real difference in real time.
Stay Tuned
for 2021 Info
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