Para personas con discapacidades intelectuales y del desarrollo.

Guardianship, Advocacy and Planning Services

Servicios de tutela, defensa y planificación

The Guardianship, Advocacy and Planning Services (GAPS) program was established in 1978 in response to parents’ concerns about who might support their child with I/DD when they were no longer able. Today, our GAPS team supports over 70 adults in 17 Oregon counties as legal guardian, health care representative, and/or advocate

Whatever our role, we treat everyone we support with dignity and respect, and encourage self-reliance and independence to the greatest extent possible. Utilizing legal guardianship only as a last resort, we strive to ensure a good life for people we support through team collaborationperson-centered planning y supported decision-making.

Legal Guardianship

A court may appoint The Arc Oregon serves as legal guardian to a person who needs support and/or safeguarding. This appointment is accepted in the GAPS program only if alternative supports have been explored and determined to be insufficient.​

Health Care Representation

Our GAPS advocates can serve as a Health Care Representative when asked by a person or appointed by their Individual Support Planning team. This support can be provided for a specific medical decision or for ongoing needs related to general medical care.

Planificación futura

In a 2017 survey of families, 54% indicated they have no plan in place for the future of their family member who experiences I/DD. We are available to help navigate those difficult conversations and offer information and resources to create a comprehensive plan.

Person Centered Planning

We offer a variety of person-centered facilitation options for people who experience I/DD to create a plan for their future. Our certified facilitators help the planning process stay focused on the person to ensure they are active participants in the planning for their own life.

Defensa personal

Our advocates are experienced and skilled in advocating for the rights of people with I/DD. If you are experiencing difficulty in getting the supports and services you need, we may be able to help you advocate for yourself and your family.
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