The Arc Oregon has spent the past six months working with legislators, community partners and you to make a difference during Oregon’s legislative session. The Session ended this past weekend and there were some big wins! The Arc Oregon met with multiple legislators during this long session to advocate for the following priorities, along with various bills.
The Family Networks had been cut during one of the Special Sessions last summer, but their funding has now been restored! Family Networks have been supporting families throughout much of Oregon through parent-to-parent connections, events, trainings, and working to create welcoming communities.
The State is also making an investment in Direct Support Professional (DSP) wages to help stabilize the DSP workforce. Funding will increase starting July 2021 and will increase again in July 2022. Representative Nosse was a huge advocate for this investment in the DSP workforce.
Emily Braman, GAPS Program Director, provided live testimony in support of Senate Bill 567. This was a bill focused on discrimination in health care based on a person belonging to a protected class, and successfully passed through the legislature to become law.
The Arc Oregon also provided written testimony and participated in a work group on House Bill 2105. HB 2105 passed and now requires school districts inform students and their families about Supported Decision Making as an alternative to guardianship. We are very excited about new law and about moving forward in our work to inform youth and their families about Supported Decision Making and the impact it can have on a young person’s life.
One final bill to mention is Senate Bill 190. Senate Bill 190 states that when a guardian is appointed, the guardian needs to inform the protected person of the guardianship in a manner understandable and meaningful to the protected person.
We want to thank everyone who participated in this legislative session. Your support and involvement in the advocacy process are what keeps this working, moving, and making a difference for everyone!
The Oregon Legislative Session may be over but our advocacy work won’t stop! Follow us on Facebook and join our Online Community Public Policy Group for ongoing updates.

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