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Professional Mentoring

OTAC offers customized mentorship packages for Behavior Professionals who develop Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA) and Positive Behavior Support Plans (PBSP). This is a peer review opportunity to gain valuable feedback for continued learning and skill development.

Our consultants:

  • Have expertise in a variety of service areas, including home and community based programs.
  • Provide valuable feedback on compliance with Oregon Administrative Rules as well as best-practices related to Positive Behavior Support.
  • Meet the unique needs of adult learners through innovative and customized learning options, including remote and on-site mentoring.
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Team Consultations

Our skilled Behavior Professionals have consulted in a variety of service settings. We are flexible in our approach to assessing needs and guiding teams towards designing effective supports for a person.

We work collaboratively with teams to:

  • Develop Functional Assessments and Positive Behavior Support Plans while applying person-centered approaches into the FBA/PBSP process.
  • Create visual systems to support communication and foster independence.
  • Conduct individualized training to care providers who implement the supports.

Customize Your Mentoring Plan

We understand each professional has different levels of experience and education and may need a unique plan to meet their individual learning needs. We are happy to create a customized mentoring plan for you and/or your team. Our options range from a simple proficiency review to an extensive and comprehensive mentorship for new Behavior Professionals.


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